Best paying careers 2021 and beyond

The demand and supply of the skills and knowledge are central in determining the payment of the career. Historically, the job market has been influenced by trends in the community that leads to a shift to new approaches to production and service provision. The revolution creates more opportunities for many and renders other techniques obsolete. A correct match of skills and techniques from different careers that match the rising demand in the market translates to the best payment. Society is undergoing a rapid information revolution with the automation of operations in different sectors, and therefore careers in the respective fields have a good pay. The current period of Covid-19 has led to the decline of some sectors and facilitated a rise in others, mostly in technology, due to their strategic importance in solving the problems.

The careers in technology are strategically positioned as best paying due to the need for innovation for the improvement of operations. A period of the Covid-19 pandemic has witnessed the rise of robotics to facilitate the delivery of healthcare services. There was a sharp rise in demand for medical robotics to ensure the health facilities can cater to the constantly rising number of patients. Many companies like Tesla and Ford focused on innovation and the production of robotics as an issue of national importance. Generally, many companies like Space-X, among others investing in developing robotics for applications like space exploration. The scope of application is wide; therefore, a career in robotics has guaranteed the best pay. Notably, the career in robotics is wide due to diverse fields in the society for automation using robotics.

Blockchain technology is taking shape in society and creating a demand for developers. The development of the cryptocurrency and maintenance of the infrastructure requires blockchain developers. A conducive ground for the skills is created with the launching and growth of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum that are becoming popular steadily. The companies are looking forward to maximizing the viability of blockchain technology in cryptocurrency will seek to recruit the developers. The latest report of 2020 indicates that salaries for blockchain developers are rising steadily due to the adoption of technology across the globe by countries like the United States, Switzerland, and China, among others. There is an integration of blockchain technology with the Internet of Things, thereby increasing the need for the services from the professionals. Continued expansion of scope makes blockchain developer a viable career for 2020 and beyond. There is an assurance for continuous adoption due to agile security to data offered by blockchain technology.

The data analysts’ careers remain rewarding as every company carries out an analysis of information for informed decision-making. Companies in different sectors are seeking to remain relevant and have a competitive edge in the market by utilizing all the available data. The data scientists are, therefore, in demand to enable the companies to collect, review, and subject generate value through numerous analyses. Data analysts are required in the development of complex programs for robotic software for supervised learning programs; therefore, it has a wider scope of application in the society translating to high demand.

The current covid-19 pandemic has given a clear indication of the relevance of healthcare, leading to a surge in demand for healthcare professionals. The United States found itself in a crisis with a shortage of health professionals. It offered a lucrative deal of visas and salary to experienced specialists from across the world to attract them. Many countries across the world have employed many healthcare professionals in 2020 to contain the pandemic. The situation has sent a clear message for operating a sustainable healthcare system and people adopting a healthy lifestyle for a strong immune system. Careers in healthcare have the best pay when compared to others, and it is likely to maintain the trend beyond 2020. The economy of different countries has been negatively affected due to the pandemic that forced lockdown to contain the situation and prevent the health facilities from being overwhelmed.

The technology is bringing about job losses due to robots taking over roles in manufacturing; however, product designers remain relevant. Creativity is a top skill that is still in demand that robots cannot deliver. Professionals with a high level of creativity give an individual a high pay rate. The design and creativity involve the application of technology in modeling and simulation for optimization. It is applicable in developing products such as appliances, appliances, and cars, among other manufactured items. The industrial designers remain relevant and highly rewarding to ensure that items developed to meet human standards.

The software developers are highly demanded, facilitating the technical capabilities to become viable. Continuous incorporation of the technology in different sectors like education and entertainment is driving a continuous need for programming capabilities to deliver the functionalities. Therefore, demand for developers for capabilities like virtual reality for learning and research, among others, indicates a high pay rate for the professionals in the field. The field of medicine will utilize virtual reality for training ad offering advanced telemedicine services. The capability four automatic operation of the devices is realized continuously due to the software developers. Demand for software developers is high due to a widened scope for the application of technology in society.  

The demand for cybersecurity professionals has grown steadily and continues to rise based on the 2018-2021 security job report. Continuous adoption of the technology to improve operations and operations is vulnerable to cyberattacks. The global ransomware attack in 2017 is a perfect example of how a security failure can cause terror nationally. There is a shortage of cybersecurity professionals and forcing the companies to attract the best talents with a high salary. The need for a reliable security system has forced major companies to crowdsource cybersecurity by inviting the public to hack their systems as a way of identifying the vulnerability. It is evident with companies like Apple and notable people like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. The cybersecurity professionals are tasked with analyzing all probable cyberattacks and vulnerabilities in the system to formulate prevention measures. Cybersecurity professional is bound to remain professional beyond 2020.

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