How to prepare for a Remote video Interview [COMPLETE GUIDE 2021]

We take a look at 7 complete steps on how to prepare for video interviews, how to set up, and some of the top video interviewing platforms in 2021


 #1. Video Interviews are scary!

Having a video call with a friend is fun, it easy peasy lemon squeezy, but on the other hand, having a video interview that might land you the job of your dreams is no small fete,

Tech giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon are currently using video Interviews to hire and have all made plans in 2020 to ensure that some if not all, of their nearly combined 1.3 million employees are able to work from home.

This affects their Interview processes as most big companies are slowly changing their hiring processes from traditional in-person interviews to video Interviews.

The whole process of hiring and onboarding is now based on video interviews and this might not change in the near future.


#2. What is the difference between in person interviews and Video interviews?


In this piece, we are going to deeply answer some of these vital questions on having successful virtual interviews that actually help you get the job.

We are going to check the trends in big tech firms across the world and more so in Sweden and derive meaningful insights on how virtual and video interviews are now becoming the new normal.

So welcome….

#3. Preparing for a video Interview

Demonstrating a good grasp of the company’s culture will make you stand out among other candidates. It shows that you are genuinely interested and you will quickly fit in into their culture.

Google’s culture for instance is a flexible one.

At Google, Employees are given the freedom and the best environment to work in as Google believes that collaboration is key and that happy employees translate to better outcomes.

Google hires the best and through its culture, it hopes to create the best innovative community and that has worked so far.

Amazon’s culture

Amazon’s culture on the other hand is intended to work with the best people as employees in line with their leadership principles. “To be owners and innovators while maintaining customer-centricity.”

Twitter’s culture

Twitter’s culture is all about Diversity and Intersectionality.  Twitter’s mission is to create deeper human connections while encouraging diverse interactions at an individual level, within teams, and across organizations resulting in a globally inclusive culture and a more globally diverse workforce.

Understanding a company’s culture should be your number one priority because it gives you a deeper understanding, a deeper connection with it.

On video Interview, this is your biggest asset. The Interviewers will notice you have gone the extra mile. You not only pursuing the job to get paid but you are an invaluable asset to them.

And not just in terms of economics but you are able to quickly fit into their culture and help implement their mission.

Klarna’s culture (Swedish based fin-tech Company)

One more example of a Company’s culture is the Swedish-based global tech bank Klarna. Klarna has been able to leverage its culture by keeping it “Young and hungry.”

And it has grown to a valuation of $ 5.5 billion, 85 million users (2020), 205,000 merchants, and an average of 800,000 daily transactions in 15 years only.

Their culture is so important as they operate in 18 diverse markets with a total of 2,700 employees worldwide as of May 2020.


#4. How to set up for a video interview?

Make it simple. You can either use a mobile phone or a computer but I’d advise a computer. A mobile phone might not be very engaging especially if you are being interviewed by multiple interviewers plus there might be distractions like phone calls or messages popping in.

So for a computer, make sure it’s fully charged or connected to a reliable source of power. Have a piece of working earphones or headphones and a reliable internet connection.

Make sure that the room is well lit so that Interviewers can see you properly. A closed room with lights on will suffice. Make sure the place where you are having the Interview is appropriate. Like a home office set up or a couch.

It will be inappropriate to have an interview in the bathroom or in an outside environment with tons of distractions.

Make eye contact and avoid looking away from your PC for far too long during the interview. Many people forget that even on video interviews you still need to observe etiquette.

PS:  When done, remember to turn off your camera and microphone. You never know who is listening or watching. In fact for all your video calls, always remember to turn this stuff off; Even Facebook’s C.E.O Mark Zuckerberg had his camera covered at one point, who are we not to?



#5. How to behave during a video interview?

Be confident, calm, and collected. Be yourself, don’t try and be someone else. Be professional; address the Interviewers by their names and titles if they do have.  Close unnecessary tabs on your computer and maintain eye contact throughout the Interview.

PS: Make sure you have printed copies of your resume and other vital documents because in case the interviewers make a reference to one of these documents, it becomes easier to confirm.

#6.What not to do during a video Interview?

Do not go offline. That right there is a deal-breaker.  Make sure that whatever happens you observe etiquette and try to be as honest as possible. Preparation is also key.


#7. Top video interviewing platforms in 2020 [COMPLETE LIST]

It’s no secret that video conferences and video interviews have plummeted in 2020, and Zoom has taken the bigger pie of this.

Other companies involved in video conferencing include Microsoft teams, Google hangouts, Blue jeans meetings,  Skype, GoToMeeting, Zoho meetings, Cisco WebEx, Join. Me, Intermediate Any meeting and Slack.

Zoom also faces indirect completion from YouTube, Instagram T, Facebook watch, TikTok, and China’s Baidu among others.


List of top video interviewing platforms in no particular order

Paybobby Video App

Paybobby Video App (PVA) enables enhanced peer-to-peer video communication with high quality, clear and personalized calls to candidates/employers/workmates. It can hold a maximum of two members to create an enhanced, high-quality, and engaging conversation between an employer and a candidate.


Zoom’s journey from the start was something exceptional acquiring 10 million users (June 2014), and 40 million users (Feb 2015) to a current user base of about 300 million active daily users by March 2020.


Statistics of zoom [2020]

  • Number of daily downloads – 2.13 million downloads (March, 2020)
  • Monthly active users – 12.9 million (February, 2020)
  • Net Revenue – $ 21.7 million (FY 2020)
  • Valuation – $ 40.5 billion (30TH March 2020)
  • Stock price – $ 146.12 (30th march 2020)
  • Peak daily meeting participants – 300 million +
  • Latest Funding round – $ 115 million (January 2017)

Microsoft teams

Microsoft team is 2020’s most used video conferencing app owned and run by Microsoft. You might even say it’s a Zoom killer. Microsoft teams have higher traffic on the web with 39.2 million monthly visits in February of 2020 and a staggering 187 million monthly visits in march of 2020.

Microsoft teams also have a higher number of downloads as compared to slack between January and March of 2020. Microsoft teams at 2 million App downloads while slack standing at 1.02 Million App downloads

Microsoft teams statistics [2020]

  • Number of daily active users – 75 million (April 30, 2020)
  • Competitive advantage: Economies of scale (Microsoft office 365)
  • Unique Features : Integration’s with connectors like GitHub, Evernote etc.
  • C.E.O: Satya Nadella.

Google hangouts

(Google hangouts has been rebranded as Google meet)

Google Hangouts (Google Meet) is Google’s video conferencing platform that brings conversations to life by use of video calls, photos, and even emojis for free.

Google hangouts statistics [2020] Google meet)

  • Number of active daily users: 2 million (April 2020)
  • Increase in usage (25 times)
  • Number of minutes: 2 billion minutes (March 2020)
  • Number of daily additional users: 3 million.


Slack is kind of an experienced player in video conferencing with 12 million Daily users as of March 2020.

Slack statistics [2020]

  • Number of weekly active users: 9 million (May, 2018)
  • Number of messages sent weekly: 1 billion (may 2019)
  • Number of paid slack accounts: 3 million
  • Number of organizations that use freemium model: 550,000 (May, 2020)
  • Number of developers using Slacks API: 200,000 (May, 2018)
  • Number of employees: 1,664 (April, 2019)
  • Valuation: $ 7.1 billion
  • Number of countries that use slack: 150
  • Percentage of slack female employees: 42.9%

PS: Amazon was ready to acquire Slack for $ 9 billion.

BlueJeans meetings

BlueJeans is a video conferencing platform for digital workplaces that are owned and operated by U.S telecommunication company Verizon. They have unique features like collaborative video, audio, and webconferencing tools.

BlueJeans statistics [2020]

  • Number of meetings: 1970.
  • Number of meetings on call: 115, 377 mins.
  • Number of desktops connected: 3,452
  • Number of room systems: 1,390
  • Number of mobile devices: 459.
  • Number of Telephones: 120.


Skype is also a video conferencing platform run by Microsoft.


Skype statistics [2020]

  • Skype website:
  • Monthly active users: 300 million (May, 2019)
  • Daily active users: 40 million (April, 2020)
  • Number of downloads: 1 billion downloads
  • Amount of minutes used on Skype video calls: 2 trillion

Go To Meeting

This is a platform and video conferencing software owned by LogMeIn with unique features like calendar integrations, Call Me and supports up to 250 Participants.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is a webinar solution and online video conferencing software owned by Sridhar Vembu & Family.

Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx hosted a neck breaking 20 billion minutes in April 2020, a figure that grew from 14 billion minutes in the previous month (March 2020)


Any meeting

Thank you for reading this piece.

Hopefully it will make you ready for your next video interview

Have a nice time, will you?

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