The downside of freelance work 2021

Freelance work offers people an opportunity to venture into entrepreneurship, thereby being their boss. One can be either initially employed or unemployed and finds freelance work as the best opportunity for personal development. Employed persons are venturing into freelance work with the aim of transition due to better pay or aim to enjoy the benefits associated with the nature of the work. There are many incidences of people giving justification on how freelance work took them to a new level, but they seldom talk about challenges involved. Undoubtedly, there are many advantages concerning freelance work like potentially unlimited income and choosing your best working hours; nevertheless, it has the downside as discussed below in successive paragraphs.

Freelance work for the online platform has a high level of isolation since one works from home and has minimal interaction with people. In most cases, one works alone continuously on the project of clients with different timelines. The scenarios with much work with a short timeframe can isolate one from interacting with few individuals like the person next door. One misses out the fun and joy of social interaction and almost becomes a robot that is highly unhealthy—working in isolation forces one to turn to social media platforms for communication to create a bond in sharing personal experiences and exchange several ideas.

There is a variation of available work and income whereby one has to learn how to balance loads based on the deadline and selecting based on pay rate and assurance. Usually, during a high workload, the pay rate is high, but the degree of assured pay depends due to nature clients. Launching into freelance as a beginner with no knowledge of the trend of availability of work is a challenge since one is unable to predict, and it can force one to quit. Also, a constant encounter with clients that do not pay per terms frustrates most freelancers. The complexity in payment occurs due to agreement issues concerning the work, such as frequent change of scope by the client, thereby complicating the job. In some instances, the client can dupe an individual to do excess work with no pay. Working for a while gives one experience in handling different types of clients and how to negotiate for remuneration, but the challenge at the start can force one to quit.

The nature of work has no security as the conventional benefits of paid vacation, health insurance, pension scheme, among others. Taking up freelance work, one has to prepare to face the reality of no job, no pay. There are no aspects of paid sick leave or vacation, one has to work at all times to receive payment, and therefore one has to develop a pragmatic plan for instances of extreme setbacks. There is a unique scenario, like handling deadlines or clients requesting several changes. One needs to have a network of professionals that will handle such a situation on his or her behalf to meet the required standards. Seeking health insurance as self-employed is expensive due to the unavailability of discounted offers given to corporations for their employees. Extremely high medical expenses based on preexisting conditions can make the situation of freelance work not applicable to an individual.

Freelance work has unique ethical aspects for individuals. Providing legal services as a freelancer has exceptional ethics and professional practices like practicing law without authorization that is not applicable in a conventional way. The contractors working for agencies are subjected to secrecy jurisdictions where they are supposed to sign non-disclosure agreements, thereby one is prohibited from opening up to the third party. It transforms the employees to non-living objects used for production purposes since they cannot share information concerning what they are doing nor channel complaints to the third party. The scenario is highly characterised with big brands that hire the employees on a contract basis for research and development. Theranos is a perfect example research corporation that widely utilized the non-disclosure agreement to exploit its employees. The approach hampers portfolio development of the employees since, in most cases, they are not allowed to indicate on their curriculum vitae since it’s a non-disclosure agreement. An individual working with such an institution for many years is at risk of his or her portfolio getting outdated for being denied the acknowledgment of the research undertaken.

The online freelance work demands the availability of an individual round the clock. The clients can either send a message or call at night, regular hours, and days, and even during the weekend, and the individual has to give feedback. A freelancer serving clients in different time zones is demanded round the clock to serve the clients effectively. Usually, clients expect instant messaging on the assumption that the service provider was waiting for them to show up. It is a common phenomenon with clients who have work that is needed urgently. The demand for 24-hour availability for seven days translates to separation from work and home and change in the lifestyle like limited time for the gym, among others. The trend can cause health problems like the weakening of the immune system due to staying indoors for a long time and, therefore, other diseases.

The venture into freelance demands accountability and self-motivation for success. The change in working conditions from office with many people to isolation can lower the morale of an individual, leading to a low level of accountability. There are many distractions when one is working from home such as family members, television, and visitors, among others. They lower the productivity of an individual due to focusing on several matters, therefore, deviating from the main objectives in handling issues of clients. Working on the work of clients requires a high level of accountability and focus on delivering services that meet standards. An individual is directly accountable for any mistake like delay in delivering work, failing to respond to messages, and quality of work. The constant distractions on working from home require one to have a high level of discipline; however, due to human weaknesses, mistakes are bound to happen that an individual faces the consequences.

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