Top 11 Tips for freelancers working from home [FULL GUIDE 2021]

 A complete Guide on Freelancers working from home in 2021 (Tips, challenges & tools for productivity)


 #1. Advantages of freelance work over 9-5jobs

In this article we are going to explore the pros and cons of Freelance work vs. office jobs.

We are going to Analyze statistics and data on Freelance work, based on metrics such as business needs, employee reviews, and technology changes in big Tech.

And more so in tech giants like Google, Twitter, Spotify, and others. And then finally we will derive insights about the future of work and what we can do to adapt.

 #2. The big question of the day is:

Between Freelance work and office jobs, which is the better way? 

Which option will pay you more and essentially improve your work productivity. ?

Some of the largest companies right now across the world have opted to pursue Freelance work as their main model of operation sending the industry and Human resources into a high whirlwind of people working from home.


 #3. Sportify employees to work from home

In May 2020, Spotify, a Swedish music streaming tech giant with annual revenue of € 6.764 billion (2019) announced that it will allow all its employees to work remotely for the rest of the year.

 Sportify has about 3900 employees spread across several cities from their headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden to their other offices in Tokyo, London and New York.

This has got to give you a clear picture of how the world of HR and companies are starting to embrace Freelance work.


 #4. Twitter allows its employees to work remotely

As if that’s not enough let’s take a look at Twitter, the controversial San Francisco-based microblogging and social networking site.

Twitter is a social media giant and it comes second to none. Their eye-catching phrase as solid as ever, “It’s happening now.”

You might be wondering, “What’s happening now?”  No one knows. Anyways back to our topic.  

Twitter in May 2020 announced that it has allowed all of its 4600 employees (2019) to work remotely forever if they so wished.

However, they were clear to state that their employees were free to return to their office jobs if they chose to. Such a decision may make you wonder, between Freelance works vs. office jobs, which way to go?

This is not only happening at Twitter and Spotify alone. It’s happening at Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and even Amazon. Silicon Valley is basically going Freelance and there’s nothing we can do about it, thanks to the Corona pandemic that has surely accelerated Freelance work adoption.

You might have noticed we are dwelling too much on Freelance work and not office jobs and that is not by accident.

This is because office jobs have always been around and therefore many people in their lifetime have at least experienced the office environment. Freelance work on the other hand is something that’s new.

And we are waking up to a new world of working from home. Again thanks to the Corona Pandemic. We are now forced to work at home with the distractions from family members and friends.

We now have to take zoom calls and somehow get used to using Freelance work productivity tools like Microsoft teams, Asana, Loom, Slack and many others.

These come with their own challenges like Cyber Security and loss of personal space and privacy at home. All of which we now have to deal with.


 #5. What it means to work remotely?

Most people assume that working from home and working at the office at a 9 – 5 jobs is kind of the same thing. No its not. Is it? 


 #6. Working from home has its own challenges.

If you are already working remotely then you already know that it’s quite a bit of a challenge to stick to a given schedule and also to stay focused amidst tons of distractions that may occur.

Consistent is key when you plan to work remotely as its one of the largest challenges that most freelancers face.

You have to create a flexible schedule and stick to it to attain your results.

The first step to make sure that your work runs smoothly is to have a separate workstation that’s secluded from the rest of your house.

This can be a separate room or a private space where you can work without distractions.

It’s important that you separate your personal time and working time to enhance your expected results.  Working smart is way better than working hard.

In a typical day you must identify your most productive time and allocate the heaviest work that you need to do at this time.

You should then allocate the less heavy work when you are less productive and therefore you might take some rest at this time. However, you must take breaks after every two hours to ensure maximum concentration.


 #7. What is the technology used in Freelance work?

Working from home (Freelance work) brings forth its own unique challenges that you must be prepared for. To overcome these challenges and to smoothly transition from office work to a Freelance environment requires discipline, a dedicated work ethic and the necessary tools and technology to facilitate the transfer.


 #8. Tools and technologies for Freelancers

Technology tools can be divided into the following five categories:

  • Communication tools
  • Productivity tools
  • Project management tools
  • Employee Engagement tools
  • Workstation for Freelance work

Communication is key to delivering quality work when working from home. 


 #9. Top 5 Communication tools for Freelance work

Communication for Freelance workers is an essential part of day to today work which ranges from choosing the most effective apps for communication, flexible schedules and communicating smoothly with clients, project managers and even other Freelance workers.

Some of the communication tools and apps that stand out for Freelance workers include slack (Where work happens), Microsoft teams (Microsoft’s team chat tool for team collaborations), Zoom (Cloud based video conferencing tool). Workplace by Facebook (A social network tool that connects employees to each other)




Slack is the defacto tool for messaging at the workplace but that may change very soon as they face stiff completion from the likes of Microsoft teams and Zoom.

The major advantage of Slack over the other communication tools is the ability to be integrated with other tools (add-ins).

You can use slack to communicate by group chats through channels and also through Direct Messages (DM) to individual users.


Statistics of slack [2020]

  • Slack Website:
  • Daily Active users:  12 million (October 2019)
  • Market Cap: $ 19 billion.
  • Number o messages sent weekly: 1 billion. (March 2019)
  • Number of paid slack accounts: 3 million.
  • Organization that use Slack: 750,000.
  • Teams use the free version of Slack: 550,000

Microsoft teams [Microsoft]

Microsoft team is Microsoft’s messaging tool for teams.

Launched in March 2017, it has since surpassed slack to become the most used by teams.

Microsoft integrated Microsoft teams to be part of the Office 365 Suite giving it an insurmountable competitive advantage over other competitors.


Statistics of Microsoft Teams [2020]

  • Daily Active Users : 75 million daily users
  • Time spent on Microsoft Teams: 4.1 billion minutes
  • Main Conpetitors: Slack & Zoom.
  • C.E.O: Satya Nadella.



Zoom is a cloud based video conferencing app that enables teams to communicate virtually and hold live chats, webinars, and screen-sharing activities and collaborate intuitively through video.

Part of its main competitive advantage is its simplicity and its ability to be integrated with other tools.

Zoom offers four packages that you can subscribe which include: 

  • Zoom basic.
  • Zoom pro.
  • Zoom business.
  • Zoom Enterprise.



Statistics of Zoom [2020]

  • Peak Daily meeting participants: 300 million+ (April 2020).
  • Zoom Daily uploads: 2.13 million (March 2020).
  • Zoom Revenue FY 2020: $ 622.7 Million (Zoom financials runs a year ahead)- 2019.
  • Zoom Net Revenue FY2020: $ 21.7 million.
  • Zoom Market Cap: $40.5 billion



Trello is a chat and collaboration tool for teams that help teams organize projects and create workflows into boards.


Statistics of Trello [2020]

  • Website:
  • Number of users:  50 million (october2019)
  • Number of active teams: 1 million (march 2019)
  • Trello Parent Company:  Atlassian.
  • Trello Headquarters: New York, NY.

Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook is an internal collaboration tool developed by Facebook to help companies’ access groups and manage their employees and create a network around their teams.

Workplace by Facebook offers a variety of functionalities that include: Trending posts, Messenger, Live Video, Groups as well as News Feed.



Statistics of Workplace by Facebook [2020]

  • Website:
  • Parent Company: Facebook
  • Workplace Advanced Accounts: $4/month.
  • Workplace Enterprise accounts: $8/Month.
  • Paying Users: Over 5 Million.(2020)

 #10. How much are Freelance workers paid?

There is a lot of controversy about what is the best way to pay Freelance workers.

The most common method that is used is the distributed work model where Freelance workers are paid based on the current rates of their locations and the countries they live in.

For example if you live in Stockholm in Sweden, then you will be paid at a higher rate as the cost of living is rather high.

And if you live in let’s say Philippines then your rates will be relatively lower since the cost of ling is relatively low as well.

According to Tech Crunch as of July 7th, 2020, an average tech worker makes $ 155,000 annually in San Francisco while U.S based project managers make on average $ 154,000.

Software engineers make on average $ 146,000, data scientists $ 139,000 while designers make $ 134,000 on average.

On the other hand, In Sweden, According to Salary Explorer, a person working in Information Technology makes about 45,800 SEK/month which translates to about $ 5217.19/month which is way higher than the Silicon Valley-based salaries.

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