Video Interview Questions and how to respond [FULL GUIDE]

 # Interviews based on video might be challenging and so we have identified the following questions and deeply elaborated how to respond effectively.

1. Tell us about yourself and why should we hire you?

Keep it short. The Interviewers want to hear what you do in the shortest form possible and it’s essential that you give them a teaser.

Don’t give them too little or too much information. You need to prepare for this question beforehand and should be able to answer it in one or two sentences.


I am James Neymar, I am a software developer and I specialize in UX/UI. I have 3 years of experience working at Netflix as an intern and am looking for a place where I can learn as well as be challenged.

I am Mitchell, I am a business analyst, I have a degree in Business and Marketing from Harvard University and I’m looking for an Internship on the same.

PS:  This is not the time to flex. Relax; your time will come later on.

 (Humble bragging to the job of your dreams), whatever gets the job done.


Demonstrate to the Interviewers that they should hire you because you have got the experience, can integrate in a diverse culture, and that you are always ready to learn and be challenged.

Give specific examples and it’s vital that you connect with them at a personal level.


I always observe the highest level of professionalism and hard work. I ensure that I do my work to the highest standard possible, qualities that have enabled me to be where I am today.

I might not be the highest qualified candidate on paper but I learn very fast and I have worked before with some of the best teams at Sportify and Karla and I helped close multi-million deals with Global artistes like [insert name] and I am looking forward to join your company.



2. What is the reason you left your previous job?

This is a tricky one. Don’t give long answers. It makes you suspicious. Tell the truth because they could easily call your previous company and find out.  Show some vulnerability here as well.


I was fired. I had just had a baby and she was sick most of the time and I could not keep up with my work. I have since learned that despite my personal issues, my work should be among my highest priorities and I am willing to show my commitment if given the opportunity.

I left to pursue my masters.

I left to do freelancing. However it wasn’t as lucrative as I anticipated, but now I’m back more experienced and energised.

I have been unsuccessful in my job search; I have been looking for a job for the last six years with no luck. I am hoping that my luck might change today, and I promise to be the most hardworking person in this company if I’m given the chance

PS: Go a little bit personal, don’t be like everyone else, you are unique in your own way. Let the Interviewers know how Unique are.


3. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

This question is meant to find out if you will stick around, if you are too ambitious maybe. If you are not someone who sticks to one task at a time

You should demonstrate that your goals are in line with the company’s goals and vision.


In five years’ time, I hope that I will have gained the experience and trust from the management and my fellow employees here and maybe be, working here a s a senior software developer. I know that this company takes care of its employees and I want to be part of this team and become the best version that I can be.



4. Tell us a specific time you were faced with a tough challenge and how did you solve it?

This is a deep question that you definitely should have prepared for. Be specific and make it short. Don’t tell irrelevant issues.

The challenge you solved must demonstrate that you can work under pressure and still deliver and that when things go wrong, the company can count on you to save the day.


As a lawyer, I helped a young orphan girl access justice after being defiled, she had no one to turn to and I couldn’t just let it go.

I worked as a financial analyst at Klarna and during the COVID 19 period, we were losing $ 1 million dollars a day and I was able to motivate my team mates to come with a solution that enabled clients to stay with us.

As a developer, I found a bug in Norton’s security software, I emailed them about it and that’s how I got employed there. I am always thorough and I write clean code of the highest standard.

5. What is your ideal work environment?

Demonstrate that you can work in a team and yet still be able to deliver as an individual. Show that you can work under pressure and whenever challenges arise you are always reasonable and be open to finding a solution.

However show that you are a strong Individual and you cannot work in unethical place and that you expect your values to be respected.


My ideal work environment is where the whole company works like a small efficient team. Where everyone is respected and we can collaborate as fast as possible and deliver within the shortest time possible. Every employee is a vital component that fuels growth of a company, when you look at the bigger picture.

6. What is your greatest strength?

Let your strengths at this moment be in line with the requirements of the job. Demonstrate that whatever you do, you deliver and deliver fast. Demonstrate that you can work under pressure and that you deserve that job.


I can work under pressure, in my previous job, sometimes we had 6 projects running at the same time and I was involved in all of them.

I always look for innovative ways to solve problems.

7. What is your greatest weakness?

This is just another way of asking you “Tell us more about your strengths?”

You should therefore spend this time emphasizing on your strengths and how you overcame some challenging situations.

Example: I am a detailed person, and as such whenever I am engrossed in a task, I spent the whole day and night doing it. I drink it, I sleep it and basically I become part of it. Also, I sometimes let work take too much time of my personal time and that’s something that I probably need to learn.



8. How much should we pay you as salary?

Do not give exact figures. That’s a deal breaker. The reason for that is that you might quote either a too low of a price or too high price of salary that they intended to hire you for.

Do your research beforehand on how much they pay similar people on the same job you are interviewing for, and give them a range. Whatever salary range you quote, link it to the value you bring to the company.

To be honest on this one, if you are a highly skilled personal then you’ve got a high bargaining power.

If you are just starting out, tread carefully because employers can always hire someone more qualified for far much less. Always remember that.

PS: If it’s a smaller salary than you had anticipated, you can say that you are willing to take the job

On the started salary and compensation terms but with an incremental component to it

 Maybe there should be a 5% increase in your salary every quarter.

9. Do you prefer to work remote or in office?

Show that you are flexible with both. Maybe you prefer one of them but you can work with both.

10. How to handle an unexpected question?

In more than one occasion, no matter how prepared you are, you might encounter a question that you had not previously anticipated.

This question might be personal or maybe disrespectful or out of context. It’s vital that you remain calm and find a way to answer this question in the most calm and sane manner.



What’s your take on feminism?

What do you think of religion?

What’s your sexual orientation?

11. What is the best attire for a video interview?

Just be decent.  It mostly depends on your job. For most tech companies as long as you’re decent it should be fine.

A T-shirt and some jeans would do the job. You don’t have to go way overboard on the attire. However, do not put on white clothes or brighter clothes.

The reason being the computer light will reflect on you and the Interviewers will not be able to see you properly.

You can put on a suit if the job requires official attire.

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