Windows 11 Tools that will boost your work from home productivity

Windows 11 is coming before end of 2021

Microsoft has announced that it will be launching a new operating system of windows 11. This is Microsoft’s next generation operating system that comes with changes in the windows interface with a focus on multi-tasking, virtual desktops and pc gaming,

What are the new features that windows 11 will have?

Mac-like Interface and design

Windows 11 will have sleek design with a revamped and centralized interface with the start menu at the centre.

Android apps integration

The biggest and most exciting news is that with windows 11 you will access android apps directly from windows.  It will support android apps through the Amazon Appstore which is set to be part of Microsoft store in the future. Microsoft has also announced their partnership with Intel to enable Intel Bridge runtime complier which will facilitate native running of android apps.

Better X-box Gaming Tech

Windows 11 will come with x-box console upgrades like Auto HDR and Direct Storage to improve the gaming experience in windows.

Microsoft Teams integration

You will get access to top-notch communication tools that include updated widgets and rounded corner edges across windows and surface devices. Microsoft teams will be integrated in the search functionality to give an enhanced and rich user experience to users.

Removal of Skype and Cortana

Microsoft has announced to do away with Skype and Cortana in windows 11 to give focus to Microsoft teams.

Multitasking functionality

Windows 11 comes with features called Snap Groups and Snap layouts which allow minification of Apps sitting in the task bar for easier task switching.

Improved Virtual Desktop Support

Windows 11 will let you set up virtual desktops just like in Mac OS and you can now toggle around between multiple desktops for personal, work, school or gaming use.

How can I download and install windows 11?

Once it’s made publicly available, you will install it through the following steps:

Settings > updates & security > windows updates > check for updates > update to windows 11 > download and install.

Which PC’s will support windows 11?

Microsoft announced at a virtual event on June 24th that they will release PC’s and Surface devices pre-installed with windows 11 and will launch later this year in 2021. Most PC’s running on Windows 10 should also support windows 11 as long as they have appropriate specifications.

When will windows 11 be available?

According to Microsoft, windows 11 operating system will roll out in late 2021 and will continue throughout 2020 plus it’s free to upgrade from windows 10.

So, will you be switching from Mac OS to windows 11? let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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